Test, analyse and characterise

Whether product development, quality assurance or damage analysis: numerous testing methods are available at fem for the examination of materials and coating systems. These include alloy and layer analysis, 3D X-ray computed tomography, mechanical-technological tests, corrosion and weathering tests, scanning electron microscopy, and much more.
Precious Metal and Alloy Analysis
Damage Analysis

Small Cause, Big Effect: Analysing, Understanding and Resolving Cases of Damage.

For the analysis of complex damage cases, our experienced team of experts has extensive testing procedures at its disposal. Damaged components are analysed quickly, reliably and in the highest quality. Damage analysis is the first step, the further development and optimisation of a component the second - only then can you literally learn from damage. Customised solutions, which we develop on your behalf, provide a remedy.
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Alexander Pfund
In Focus

3D X-ray computed tomography for industrial, energy-technical and archaeological applications

With X-ray computed tomography, the fem provides customers from industry and research with a method that enables non-destructive, three-dimensional recording and characterisation of any complex objects from all material classes - alloys, ceramics, synthetic and composite materials, biocompatible materials as well as building materials and textiles - with all geometric and material-related structures.
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Anastasia Bayer

Customized samples and prototypes for your product development

We support your product development by producing customised electroplated and PVD/PACVD coatings, anodised coatings, the melting of special alloys, hot pressing tests and powder atomisation for additive manufacturing through to samples for the luxury goods industry.
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