Electrochemical Energy Systems

We do research in the field of fuel cells, batteries and electrolysis. Our goal is to innovative approaches for the energy of the future.
Energy technology
Battery Technology
Hydrogen Technology
Fuel cell technology
Vehicle construction
Chemical industry
Seniz Sörgel


Dr. Seniz Sörgel
Reinhard Böck


Dr. Reinhard Böck
Research and Develop

New Concepts for Fuel Cells,
Batteries and Electrolysis

Components for fuel cells, batteries and electrolysis
Electrocatalysts, electrodes, electrolytes, separators
Innovative manufacturing methods
Electrochemical deposition, ionic liquids, pulse plating, sol-gel
Electrochemical measurement methods
Battery cyclisation, cyclic voltammetry, impedance spectroscopy, etc.
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In Focus

Electrochemistry makes it
possible: using valuable CO₂

We need to understand carbon dioxide as a valuable raw material and use it consistently for the synthesis of chemicals and fuels. Conversion into important basic chemicals such as formic acid can be achieved by means of the direct electrolysis of carbon dioxide. Galvanically deposited bismuth Electrocatalysts on porous substrates produce stable electrodes with high activity and selectivity.
Ulrich Klotz

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Dr. Mila Manolova
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„Leistungsfähige und innovative Legierungen und Werkstoffe sind meine Leidenschaft.“

Am fem wird die Technologie der additiven Fertigung für metallische Werkstoffe intensiv erforscht. Die als Pulver vorliegenden Werkstoffe – Partikelgröße je nach Material 5 bis 40 μm – werden als 15 bis 25 μm dünne Schicht auf eine Bauplatte aufgetragen und dann einem 3D-Modell gemäß selektiv gefertigt.
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