Precious Metals Research
We develop innovative alloys and coatings of precious metals for decorative and functional applications such as luxury goods, contact materials or catalyst materials.
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Process technology for solid metallic glasses based on platinum for jewellery and watches

The project focuses on process development for fine and die casting. The applicability of conventional casting simulations will be tested to support the processes on the glass melts. Investment casting is based on an investment-based process and therefore poses the greatest challenge in terms of cooling rates. The aim is to work out the optimal process parameters.
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Lisa-Yvonn Schmitt
Technology Transfer

We are looking for strong partners for our R&D projects

The transfer of knowledge from research to industrial practice is all the more successful the earlier we cooperate with SMEs and partners from industry. That's why we are constantly looking for companies from all relevant industries who would like to actively participate in the committees of our R&D projects. Our contact persons look forward to your interest!
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Additive manufacturing of platinum alloys by means of selective laser melting.

In this project, the optimisation of the processing of platinum alloys by means of selective laser melting. The process has particular advantages compared to the challenges and problems of investment casting. The production of platinum alloy components for various applications was demonstrated. The research focused on the influence of the alloy composition.
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