Functionalised Surfaces
We modify surfaces in such a way that interact with their environment and application-specific functions such as such as biocompatibility, air purification or corrosion resistance are achieved.
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Dr. Heidi Willing

Antiviral anodised surfaces
through the incorporation of

The aim of the project is to utilise the inherent pore structure of anodised aluminium by introducing antiviral metal nanoparticles as well as photocatalysts into the open pore structure. The technical challenge in developing such a functional surface is to design the anodised layer system in such a way that the incorporation of the particles succeeds without affecting the essential properties of the anodised layer.
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Technology Transfer

We are looking for strong partners for our R&D projects

The transfer of knowledge from research to industrial practice is all the more successful the earlier we cooperate with SMEs and partners from industry. That's why we are constantly looking for companies from all relevant industries who would like to actively participate in the committees of our R&D projects. Our contact persons look forward to your interest!
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Degradation of nitrogen oxides on photocatalytic profiles made of aluminium

In the project, photocatalytically active, anodised aluminium surfaces were developed that can contribute to a reduction in air pollution, especially nitrogen oxide pollution in urban regions. To achieve the project goal, differently modified, photocatalytically active nanoparticles with the smallest possible particle diameters (5-25nm) were embedded in anodised pores.
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Christof Langer

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Dr. Christof Langer
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