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Innovative materials and surfaces

Wir erforschen und entwickeln neue Material- und Beschichtungskonzepte für die großen Zukunftsthemen Energietechnik, digitalisierte Prozesstechnik, Leichtbau sowie Rohstoff- und Ressourceneffizienz. Von der Idee über Antragsstellung und Auftragsforschung bis zum erfolgreichen Technologietransfer sind wir Ihr FuE-Partner mit 100 Jahren Erfahrung. 
Welche intelligente Lösung dürfen wir gemeinsam mit Ihnen realisieren?
In Focus

Hydrogen research at the fem: Innovative solutions for electrolysis and fuel cells

The goal of our hydrogen research is efficiency, low cost and durability of components for electrolysers and fuel cells. Materials and coating systems are crucial for components such as electrodes and electrocatalysts. Thanks to our one hundred years of experience and expertise in the field of materials science and electrochemistry, we are the perfect partner for the development of innovative energy systems.
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Seniz Sörgel

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Dr. Seniz Sörgel
In Focus

More than superficial: Functionalised layers that interact with their environment

For 50 years, the fem has been investigating and optimising the anodisation of light metals to increase sustainability. Anodisation creates columnar nanocontainers in the substrate material. These can be filled appropriately and customised. Particle incorporation into these nanocontainers leads to functional layers: Thus, we create new surfaces that neutralise pathogens or filter out pollutants from the air.
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Christof Langer

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Dr. Christof Langer
Technology Transfer

We are looking for strong partners for our R&D projects

The transfer of knowledge from research to industrial practice is all the more successful the earlier we cooperate with SMEs and partners from industry. That's why we are constantly looking for companies from all relevant industries who would like to actively participate in the committees of our R&D projects. Our contact persons look forward to your interest!
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