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Since 1922 we have been developing new alloys, functional and composite materials with outstanding mechanical, thermal and functional properties for industrial practice.
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Dr. Ulrich Klotz
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Dr. Miriam Eisenbart

Novel active solder alloys for ceramic composites by ultrasonic plasma atomisation.

The aim of the research project is the development of temperature-stable active solder alloys, powder production using ultrasonic plasma atomisation and the optimisation of active solder pastes. Active brazing technology enables the realisation of metal-ceramic composites in only a few process steps, as direct wetting of ceramic surfaces is possible. The application of these solders as powders or pastes minimises material losses.
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We are looking for strong partners for our R&D projects

The transfer of knowledge from research to industrial practice is all the more successful the earlier we cooperate with SMEs and partners from industry. That's why we are constantly looking for companies from all relevant industries who would like to actively participate in the committees of our R&D projects. Our contact persons look forward to your interest!
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Innovative Composite Material for Investment Casting of Titanium Alloys

By adding electrospun CaZrO₃ nanofibres, the fem has succeeded in creating an innovative composite material that is significantly more resistant to thermal stress and therefore has a high residual strength after casting. As a result, CaZrO₃-based composite crucibles are finally suitable for repeated use in investment casting. This development enables investment casting foundries to process highly reactive alloys in high quality much more efficiently and economically.
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