fem at the Jewelry Technology Forum in Vicenza: Strategies for the Development of New Jewelry Alloys

Our specialist for precious metals and the development of innovative alloys, Dr Ulrich Klotz, took part in the Jewelry Technology Forum (JTF) in Vicenza to talk about strategies for the development of new jewelry alloys. The JTF was held as part of VINCENZAORO, Europe's leading international event for the gold and jewelry industry, which celebrates its seventieth anniversary this year.

Alloy development plays a crucial role in the jewelry industry, aiming to achieve desired properties such as color, color stability, mechanical properties, and corrosion resistance. Klotz demonstrated how we at fem Forschungsinstitut explore the potential benefits of adopting strategies from other industries to enhance the alloy development process in jewelry manufacturing. This interdisciplinary approach integrates thermodynamic simulations and experimental high-throughput screening methods to accelerate the discovery and optimization of alloy compositions. Thermodynamic simulations are employed to predict phase stability, solidification behavior, heat treatment and alloy properties. By leveraging computational tools, our researchers can effectively analyze the effects of different alloying elements on the final material properties.

"We adapt experimental high-throughput screening methods to efficiently explore a vast composition space of potential alloy candidates. These screening techniques enable rapid fabrication and evaluation of a large number of alloy samples, allowing us to identify promising compositions for further analysis", Klotz said.

The findings of Klotz and his team at fem can pave the way for innovative and sustainable practices for the development of new jewelry alloys manufacturing while offering new avenues for exploration and inspiration for the jewelry and watch industry.

📣 Finally: A new and very promising event, the Vicenza Symposium, was announced at VICENZAORO. It is aimed at the jewelry industry and fashion makers and will take place for the first time in Vicenza from 2 to 4 September 2025. We at fem are very excited and proud to be one of the organisers!

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