The fem visits MTU Aero Engines AG in Munich

Institute Director Prof. Dr Holger Kaßner, Patrick Horcher and the department heads Dr Heidi Willing, Dr Şeniz Sörgel, Dr Miriam Eisenbart, Dr Ulrich E. Klotz, Dr Christof Langer, Dr Martin Fenker and Dr. Martin Aschenbrenner accepted the invitation of Josef Linska (Project Manager Chemical and Electrochemical Processes) to visit MTU Aero Engines AG in Munich to exchange views on a variety of potential points of contact for future joint projects.

Mr Linska introduced the history and current business areas of MTU to the guests from Schwäbisch Gmünd before the fem experts presented an overview of their research activities and analytical methods in a series of short lectures. The presentations focused on the development of metallic materials, the creation of functional, intelligent surfaces, hydrogen technology for fuel cells and electrolysis, and the important role that AI and digitalisation will play for materials science and surface technology in the future.

fem mtu 2023

A stopover in the new company canteen was followed by an extremely interesting and entertaining tour of the plant through various areas of engine production up to and including the assembly of MTU's commercial and military engines. The excursion was crowned by a visit to the company's own aircraft engine museum.

We say thank you very much for the great day and the valuable discussions!

Patrick Wais

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