research, develop, measure – this triad outlines the tasks and services of the fem

research and develop stand for the new development and optimisation of materials, layer systems and processes by order of the industry and for the application-oriented basic research within publicly sponsored projects; measure comprises services,  expert reports and consulting, from independet failure analysis to process-accompanying support.

Research projects are sponsored by the State of Baden-Württemberg, the Federal Government and the European Union. Of particular importance is the national and international cooperation with industry, universities and reseach facilities. This cooperation reflects the high scientific level and is the basis for their continuous development.

Application-oriented and business-related research and development take place within the so-called Industrial Collective Research and by direct order of the industry. Focus is the development and optimization of procedures and processes as well as their adaptation to the requirements of specific application fields.

Material testing and layer characterization are the focus of the services offered to industry, small and medium-sized enterprises, public clients and private individuals. The experience and independence of the fem are the foundations for the high quality of all reports and failure analysis.